Saturday, May 25, 2013

What do you do when you have been emotionally abused by your parent? And the same parent takes you to a family court to ask for grandparental rights?

Check out my 1st novel called Kiss of Thorns, by Lilliane Rosse, available on Amazon Kindle and Kobo.

Seventeen-year-old Sarah lives with her mother in one of the finest suburbs in Paris. But since her father left to escape her mother’s violent temper, Sarah has had to endure her mother’s unpredictable moods and promiscuous lifestyle.
With no one to turn to or confide in, Sarah must fend for herself as best she can. On Sarah’s final holiday with her mother before finishing school, her mother’s reckless pursuit of strange men nearly gets Sarah raped.

Sarah completes her A levels and leaves for university in London, where she finally feels free to live her own life. But her mother will not accept Sarah’s departure.
With Sarah’s every step into adulthood, her mother’s reactions become increasingly extreme and sinister.
In a series of unravelling events, Sarah ends up being forced to confront the truth about her mother...

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