My favourite children activities

Sadly this year, many days looked like that in London...

What do you do with your little ones on a rainy day? Share your tips below !!
In the meantine ...I'll give you a few of mine
1. For those who have a sweet tooth, there is nothing better that BAKING!
Carrot cake, Yogurt cake, Marble cake and yummy chococale & banana cake are some of our favourite ones! Check online there are so many great websites that help with recipes...
Baking is fun ... not only children love dipping their fingers in the dough, it's actually a great way to teach our little ones about ingredients, colours and even mathematics!
"Mathematics?" some may ask... YES !! I always ask:
a. We started to bake at 4:00pm, it lastest 45 minutes, what time was it when we finished? ... Try it they will find it fun!


2. For those who have toddlers or pre-schoolers; on small square of papers I write numbers with different colours and ask the little one to sort them ...ascending order, descending order, count in 2s... You can even try with alphabet letters. It's totally free and a fun way to play and learn!

 3. When I'm short with creative ideas.. THAT's HAPPENS OH YES !! I always check out Mr Maker website below
Have a look at it, it's great there are always plenty of fun ideas for our little ones
Please share your tips with me by sending comments!