Thursday, August 8, 2013

Are cougars cool?

At least that's what the media are trying to let us believe by showing off all these celebs going out with younger men!

I was reading an article, in a feminine magazine, about a grey haired so called "cool & fashionable" divorced mother who was dating a man, as young as her 20 years' younger daughter.
When interviewed and asked about what she thought about her mother's boyfriend, the daughter, although mentioning it felt funny at first to see her mother kissing someone who could have been her university mate, stated that all that counted was her mother's happiness.

Let's bear in mind that, at the end of the article, it also mentioned that the mother had inherited a huge fortune from the divorce settlement and that she used to pamper her daughter with luxurious holidays and cars...And that's when I understood that the daughter was being "bought", which shed a light as per why she was in such agreement of her mother's lifestyle!

I've always been intrigued by what was going on in the mind of these women in their forties/ fifties dating younger men. These cougars represent the Society pretty well though;
  • Aren't they being Shallow? If all they seek in life is to show off at the arms of a young & sexy boyfriend? What statement are they trying to make? that their life is fully accomplished...of sexual activity?!

  • Aren't they being Selfish? Surely they aren't thinking about the young man's future, what future can he have with a twenty years older lady? 

  • Aren't they disregarding their own daughters? Are they trying to say "well, you might be young and beautiful, but he chose me over you?!"

It is difficult to believe that these cougars are in love of these younger men, especially when they already had their first love (many years earlier). I am not saying that divorced women shouldn't redo their lives, what I'm querying is; why can't they just find someone their own age?

In my novel, Kiss of Thorns, the mother of the main character keeps on dating younger men, not one, not two, many ..  It is hard for her daughter to seek refuge from her mother's promiscuous lifestyle, especially when manipulation and emotional blackmail are her mother's deadly weapons.

Share the words. Many young adults and even older ones are victim of emotional abuse & blackmailing from their parents, family members or even friends. It isn't a fate. Freeing oneself from a toxic relationship isn't easy but possible.

Article written by Lilliane Rosse, Author of Kiss of Thorns (Ebook available on Kindle format Amazon or Epub format on KOBO)

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