Friday, June 21, 2013

Say NO to discrimination

When will we see a world where we can all live together without any discrimination?

When you're a child you tend to live in a bubble, in "your world", surrounded with family & friends; and if you parents do not encourage you to learn about other countries and cultures, well... you can easily grow-up and become close-minded, especially if by nature you are not a very curious person.

One would think that children are curious and eager to know about the world, at least that's how it was back in the time; children wanted to become explorers, adventurers...Instead in nowadays' Society, values have changed so much, than many youngsters are actually so comfortable that they prefer not to be disturbed and instead continue their lives in their own environment.

How can cultural interaction happen if one stays within its community? Teaching communitarian lifestyle isn't going to help fight against discrimination on the long term.

Some people complain that they are not integrated well, yet they do not actively seek to interact with people who aren't from the same countries or religion. One shouldn't complain if he doesn't make an effort. Of course it's a vicious circle.... when one doesn't feel integrated, he doesn't feel like making an effort. But when there are two parties, what ever the situation is, if one doesn't make an effort and the first step in stone, then never anything will be resolved.

Parents have an active role to play here, ensuring their children grow up with an open mind. Encouraging your children to play and interact with others from different cultures and origins would help them grow with the acceptance of others in their mind.

As a parent, whenever you get a chance to make your child interact with another child from an other country, I would encourage you to cultivate this habit.
As a young adult, I'd encourage you to travel. Visit other countries, live abroad for sometime, get to know other cultures and always keep an open mind.

But most importantly let's remember, both parents & young adults, we are all human wherever we come from, we all have red blood in our veins... no exception we are all the same.

Written by Lilliane Rosse, Author of Kiss of Thorns, available on Ebook: Kindle: Kindle:

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