Monday, June 17, 2013

What values are we teaching our children?

Human behaviours are so interesting to observe, we are so selfish and individualistic that it is almost scary! Why? why are we only thinking about our interest first? all the time? And why are human beings never totally satisfied?

Have you noticed how we are never completely happy, even if we got what we wanted for so long ...we want more? 

That promotion at work you fought for .... you got it and then not even a year later you want an other one?
That guy you've been dreaming about... you're finally with him and after only couple of weeks you're bored?
That bag you got crazy for ... you saved enough  to buy it and then .. after couple of months it's been thrown at the back end of your drawer?

Does that resonate with you? Don't you think this is wrong? What are we, adults & parents going to teach our kids if we act like this? Like immature children?
Shouldn't we learn about patience and appreciation, shouldn't we cultivate the values of hard working? I'll admit that it's not that easy to do, especially when EVERYTHING you watch on TV is fake. Kids grow up thinking they can get it all now! It's so wrong.

If the society we live and the media around us are deceiving us and our children, making them believe that they can become the next pop star, the next footballer or the next tycoon in only 3 months (the time of a TV show!), well let's get real and WAKE UP.

We, the parents have a crucial role to play. We need to teach our children about hard working, about respect, about earning things. When I see these young adults around 20 years old who they believe they know it all and totally disrespect their bosses at work, well there is definitely a problem. But really I don't blame these kids ... they just got carried away by their environment, who I blame is their parents, who didn't have the courage to tell their kids the truth.

Let's not deceive our children by letting them think they are the best, because they would get hurt and if they are not taught to deal with failure, they are going to become wrecks. Not just physical ones, but mostly emotional ones.....

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