My "Charity & Associations" Page Review

I surely do not have the funds I wish to support all the charities I would love to, but I have my tiny share of voice, in this vast world wide web.

And, this month I would like to talk to you about a UK-based charity called "Look Good Feel Better"


I came across this charity by luck as I was browsing the net and they got my interest straight away. They hold free skincare and make-up workshops to help combat the visible side effects of cancer treatment and, in turn, boost confidence and wellbeing of women who suffer from cancer. I feel this is such a noble cause and being a woman I understand how important it is to build self-confidence, especially after your skin and hair have been so badly affected by cancer treatments.

I feel that more should be done in the cancer prevention field, I was reading a piece of news, couple of days ago, about a young girl who passed away because of cervical cancer. As I read about it I felt very upset.

First I asked myself, Why such a young girl? But then you start asking yourself ... does God really exists? and you enter in a total different debate...
Then I wondered, Why can't we have more prevention and early age check-up?

It's true... Why women should wait 50 years old to have their first mammogram when we know that some women get breast cancer at a much earlier age?
Of course we know what the state would say ... it's down to budget.

Well ... I strongly feel that some sectors, such as Education, Health & Security should NOT be affected by budget cuts. After all we are talking here about human beings lives, surely this should matter more than money?

Written by Lilliane Rosse, Author of "Kiss of Thorns" - available as Ebook on: